Privacy Policy

pcMedia Ltd will not use any of your personal information outside of the explicit context of this website and its functionality, and will never release your information to any third parties, unless specifically required by law, and then only to government agencies with statutory law enforcement responsibilities.

pcMedia Ltd does collect personal information about you when you submit a request for our products through our website. pcMedia Ltd may from time to time use portions of this personal information to help us to provide services or new and updated content to you, to verify your identity, and also to enforce our terms and conditions. The information will never be disseminated to third parties without legal consent.

pcMedia Ltd undertakes a number of measures to provide security around the stored electronic data, but it is important to understand that electronic data is never totally safe from hacking or data breaches. For clients concerned about the security of confidential information, we offer an independent method (Client Email Tool) for emailing up specific files that will not be managed or accessible through the website.

The use of our website constitutes your agreement with these limitations and specific privacy terms.