I first met Lee from pcMedia at a presentation he was giving at the Chamber of Commerce last year.  He opened my eyes to a whole world of technology that I didn’t know was available.  We were having issues with our system, so I invited Lee to come in to see if he could help.  Lee diagnosed the problem straight away and then offered such innovative solutions that we knew we were in safe hands.  What I really like about them is they listen, they understand our business and then they work alongside us to achieve our goals.

We have just undertaken a huge project; and are the first firm in the Lawlink family to put our entire practice on the Cloud.  It required a huge leap of faith, and the fact we were able to do this speaks volumes of the capability of Lee and his team and the trust we have in them.  It has not been plain sailing, not that we expected such a big project to be, however I know if I have an issue I can ring them and it will be sorted.  We are so thankful that they have introduced us to this platform as our capacity is now limitless.  More importantly we have been able to significantly minimise our exposure to natural disasters such as earthquakes, working on the Cloud in Palmerston North and backing up to both Blenheim and Nelson.  We believe Cloud is definitely the way of the future.

I cannot recommend them highly enough; they are just great for your business.

Kay Nalsund
Practice Manager - Gascoigne Wicks


I have been a customer of pcMedia for over 10 years. I am a self-confessed ‘computer illiterate’ and what I really like is their patience and ability to translate ‘computer speak’ to’ everyday speak’ so I understand what is going on. We purchased a new server a few years ago which was a significant investment, and right through the process my questions were answered and I felt very sure that we were in safe hands. I also like the fact that if we do have computer issues I can ring, and most times am given a solution straight away, their technical know-how is very good – no waiting around for half a day or more – this is very important to our business.

We are now looking at a proposal to move our business to the cloud, and I know that this will be a consultative and smooth process, they have our best interests at heart and I have utmost faith in their technical ability that it can’t help but be anything but positive for us. I am completely satisfied with them – I highly recommend them and doubt I would ever consider moving.

Chris Wilson
Impact Capital Management Ltd


I worked with pcMedia in a previous life and I was happy to expand their role within our business here at Astrolabe.

Firstly I don’t make changes unless it affects our bottom line positively – and I see technology as a key tool that makes doing our job easier, more efficient and professional.

What impresses me the most about pc Media are the solutions they offer. You don’t know what you don’t know. I’ll ring up with a problem and they always come back with 2 or 3 options to fix it. They are always thinking outside the square AND they are always about our business – they listen to your business and really try to understand the needs and tailor to suit that. That is gold.

We have just undertaken quite a big project by putting our entire business on the cloud – a room that used to house all sorts of boxes and servers is now empty. We felt completely confident throughout the whole process because everything was explained in English – oh Lee can speak Geek right up there with the best of them, but he also has the ability to translate so we get it. It has saved us money and because we travel quite a lot it has made working overseas so much easier. Their service is brilliant, I can ring them anytime and someone always answers, after hours, weekends, the lot, there are not many businesses’ you could say that for in Blenheim.

They think globally and act locally and in my mind are a ‘big little company’ and we are very lucky to have them here in Blenheim – would we recommend them? Definitely.

Jason Yank
Astrolabe Wines


We have been with pcMedia for just over a year now. Their great knowledge and service really made them stand out. We have a great relationship with Lee, and while the teams’ technical knowledge particularly in the area of fibre and VOIP is very very good, they have also helped us with arranging computer leasing when we need it, so anything we need in the technical area, they are able to deal with – this is what makes them so valuable to us.

They understand what our business needs because they listen, I find this a significant advantage these days and on top of that they are quick and efficient. I consider them to be a partner in the future of our business – that’s how good they are

Brian Dawson
Manager Director - Kip McGrath Education Centre